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Update(Feb 21, 2023): Design is ready, currently configuring functionalities and creating other features.
Update(Mar 27, 2023): Most of the back-end is ready, still working though. Hopefully the beta will launch this summer.


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As I am reporting on news from all kinds of topics, I give my best to credit the entity which holds the copyrights of the image, text or video that were featured in any of my posts. Altering (modifying) an image, text or video does NOT mean that the original holder of the rights has lost them, or that I've gained them. No amount of altering an image or video will in a way 'transfer' ownership of the image or video to GeekRiches. Any image, text or video that has been/will be featured will have credits under it (for ex. cover photos have a text under them that looks like this: "image: 'credit given here'", if a snipped of text has been quoted from another website, at the end a hyperlink with the name of the source is written) pointing to the source (legal owner/creator/copyright holder).


The first text after 'image:' is the source (legal owner/creator/copyright holder) of the image. After, if I have re-composited (meaning that I have changed the composition of the image, text, logos, faces, people or scenery) the image, the follow-up text will be 're-composited by GeekRiches'. That follow-up text, means that I have in a way altered the image (changed composition, added/removed/changed something) to better fit the post. It does NOT mean that I (GeekRiches) have gained the rights of the image, text or video. All images/videos/text snippets/trademarks that have been credited remain property of their respective owners.

If there's an image, text or video featured on this website, that you believe you own the rights to and want it removed, please send me an email at and I will act immediately to resolve the issue. A faster way to contact me is on my personal Instagram: @preslavkunov